12 thoughts on “WiFi for The Clubhouse

  1. I cannot see what the problem is here. Surely the simplest solution is to get the members to vote on this and the majority is the action to be taken. SIMPLE DEMOCRACY.

  2. WiFi in the Club. I see Brian’s comment that Virgin are the fastest. Not if they have to cross the road first!
    May I suggest that the only likely alternatives are Sky or BT. Both of which are rogues.
    As Arnold says well done Don for bringing us up to date.

  3. I am pleased to see an interest developing in this Club Blog, but there appears to be a deathly hush from the defenders of the Status Quo, and, not surprisingly perhaps, from their Lackeys, who will no doubt be awaiting Guidance/instruction.

  4. I am awaiting a call back from Virgin. I don’t think they have a cable in the vicinity, they wouldn’t answer my direct question. For encouragement I did point out there was new housing over the road and maybe if not possible right now, we might be able to get in on the act when they wake up.

  5. Hi, I tried talking to Virgin today, to see if they are anywhere near us and also to see what it would cost. At present I am awaiting a return call. I will not commit the club to anything, but thought it worthwhile to investigate. I hope I’m not treading on anyone’s toes.

  6. Clevedon Rugby Club have Wifi. I believe it is run in conjunction with a “Sky” package.

  7. I did mention WIFI in the club at my first committee meeting as Treasurer and said I would try and follow it up. For various reasons (some beyond my control) I have not done so (sorry) but it is now likely I have a period of less physical movement coming up I will try to do something. I am not sure how one goes about it but contact BT might be a good start, unless any of you know different

  8. I would like to see WIFI at the club this would be very useful for laptop use as well as mobiles

  9. I agree with you Arnold. The new website needs promoting. Many people probably haven’t even looked at the new one. Definitely need WiFi in the clubhouse . We do have a Facebook page now but need more likes for it to get it out there. I know lots of people don’t do Facebook but every little helps

  10. Looking at the previous entries in this Blog, I am not convinced that any other members are showing an interest , or even know about it , or heaven forbid are able to participate. I think we owe it to Don for trying to bring the Club into the 21st. Century by updating the site. I would like to see more technology, amongst other things taken to advance beyond this first brave step. I am therefore putting my voice behind the call for WIFI in the clubhouse. IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE?

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