7 thoughts on “Uniform for a roll up?

  1. I would like to address this post to the men of this club not the gentlemen, while ladies are out playing in what has been exceptional heat and green duty men are sat on their backsides for 4hrs don’t you think it would be considerate to offer to put the equipment away if not required in the evening?

  2. Correct footwear, and sensible causual dress should be ok for a roll up, this I think should satisfy most members

  3. I have already voiced my opinions on blazers, white coller shirts and tie, but I am not totally adverse to wearing white polo shirt and grey shorts/trousers for a roll up. I find that causal enough and happy to do it, plus it set a sort of standard for club bowling otherwise you could end up with football style shirts and shorts, sleeveless vest and swimming shorts and dare I say it or even it see it “medalions and budgie smugglers” !!

  4. There seems to be a distinct lack of response from probably 98% of the members to the blog that Don took a lot of time to put up for us all to comment,moan,praise or make any comment whatsoever.
    Most of the members have use of a computer, as the names on top of the emails we receive from Don confirms, alas very little interest it seems.
    We must have the most happy, satisfied and smooth running club in the country obviously !!!

  5. The sillyness goes on ……………………..We have to wear grey trousers and white shirts for a roll up even when on green duty.
    A member of the public can pay his/her fee to play a hour, wear our shoes, use our bowls and wear nothing but a pair of Speedoes or less.
    Makes you think, are we burying our heads in the sand?
    Whilst I realise decorum has to prevail, lets just let sense raise its head for once and welcome the 21st century for we members, one and all.

  6. I agree that for a roll-up, as long as we have correct shoes, why should it matter. We do not put greys and a white shirt on for green-duty or committee work. Does this mean they do not take their task or responsibilities seriously? Of course not, even though jeans are sometimes worn for these serious duties. Standards can be met on club matches, when we want to look part of the same team, but even here, greys seem to mean anything from charcoal to a very-light grey. Maybe white and greys for club competitions, but even here, I would be prepared to relax more, but do think finals week-end might be a stage to far – for now. Interesting decisions to make and will we dare to change our attitudes.

  7. Why do members have to wear a Uniform – (white shirt, grey slacks) – for a casual (half hour?) ‘roll up’? Members of the public do not (appropriate footwear excepted).

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