5 thoughts on “Why are we wearing blazers?

  1. I am not sure if, as a social member, I am qualified to comment on this post, but I find the whole area of dress code antiquated and confusing. Whilst it seems important to present a tidy and co-ordinated look for matches, blazers are outdated and expensive. However I am more confused by the club shirts and why members cannot wear them for all occasions? Monday Night League for instance. Is this not a club event? Is it not played solely by club members? So why don’t they wear club shirts? The various array of different clothing for different events adds cost and confusion for members.

  2. I am certainly not a fan of the blazers and the need of wearing them, especially at match days should be changed. It is a antiquated tradition and we need to modernise or update. It could be replaced by a club sports jacket or jerkin.
    Also the wearing of blazers, white shirts and ties at various social functions could also be updated and modernised. Smart causal would be appreciated more

  3. I share the sentiments about blazers, don’t necessarily agree with the source of Orders/Rules. I think the problem stems from “old standards” steeped in tradition, afraid to let go, and then the “Sheep” or Zombies who are too shy, (for want of a better word) to upset the apple-cart.

  4. I totally agree with you Tony, we are in the process of purchasing jackets for every member of the club and hopefully, just in time for when the weather turns, we will get them!!

  5. This hot spell of weather rather makes the wearing of blazers and ties looks absolutely absurd but Hey! who are we but mere troops who have to listen and perhaps sometimes obey orders (sometimes not) from the great and good sat in the ivory towers of the committee rooms.
    It is very interesting and enlightening when we visit other clubs and listen to the comments regarding of blazers and ties, most laughing out loud about our rather dinosaur approach to the modern world. Most but not all, have moved toward showerproof, lightweight club coloured jackets or jerkins with almost every other club thinking about doing it.
    I don’t think it is just about trying to attract younger players, it’s in part about dragging the game into the 21st century, perhaps kicking and screaming by some elements and players, but it has to come!!!!!
    Television coverage is also helping to bring the game to a wider audience so we must grasp the nettle and MODERNISE before we as players and the game goes the same way as the dinosaurs.

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