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We seem to have lost a lot of return matches this year
Clevedon Prom
Grey trousers & white shirt just have a roll up, why?
Clevedon Prom
In this day and age why are we still wearing blazers? what are your views
Should we install wifi in the Clubhouse to bring us into the 21st Century?

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  1. Some positive comments received on the Facebook page regarding the Clevedon Tournament

    “Great tournament again. Really enjoyed and appreciated the hospitality again! See you all next year.”

    “I must congratulate both Clevedon Prom and Clevedon Top Club for a well run tournament. Both greens played well .and hospitality was excellent. See you next year”

    “Had a nice time thank you all at both clubs x”

    “On behalf of myself and the other 2 lads from Worcester can I thank your club for making us feel very welcome.”

  2. Thankyou Nigel Pedder you are indeed one of the gentlemen of the club
    Putting the equipment away after our game

  3. This post is addressed to the men of this club, not the gentlemen. When the ladies have played a game in the exceptional heat we have experienced of late wouldn’t it be considerate of the green duty officer to offer to put the equipment away when there are no evening games, instead of sitting on their backsides for 4hrs, incidently green duty is not for roll ups.

  4. JULY – 50 CLUB Draw
    1st – £50 – Lesley Fitzpatrick
    2nd – £25 – Margaret Griffiths
    3rd – £15 – Libby Hardisty
    4th – £10 – Sylia Oliver

  5. In view of the number of top club, four dimensions, etc would this not be a good time to encourage younger members by including them in the c&d evening games to give them a chance of playing at the higher level. That way they would feel that it is not them and us and players would strive harder to be included.

  6. Mileage charges. Looking at the list it seems that it would need updating. Places like Yate, Frampton on Severn, are paid less than Taunton yet the distance is very similar. Also some clubs in Bristol are paid more. Can we have a review please.

  7. Just a thought but maybe we need a bit more coverage in the North Somerset Times. For instance we have done well in Top Club getting to area semi final and Simon was in the final of the County Under 25 pairs and was a runner up and also doing well in County League and C&D league. Think we need to blow our own trumpet a bit more like another club

  8. I am sincerely hoping our game on Wednesday evening can be moved. I love my bowls but I also love my football and this is something special

  9. Well done Dale Brian & Rich beat Bartlett Davis &kinsella with one end to go. In triples friday night

  10. A win on all rinks in the Turnbull Cup against Willmott Park on Tuesday evening…well done the Prom.

  11. A marvellous win over Weston Victoria in the latest round of the Top Club competition on Thursday 21st June. 3-2 to the good guys…… onwards and upwards!

  12. A fantastic win over Clevedon……….3-2……by one shot on an extra end, to decide the winner in the Top Club competition. Well done to all the players who contributed to this victory.

  13. Well done The Prom, a great win over the Legion last night in the National Two Rink. At home again in the next round to either Taunton or Bridgwater.

  14. Another good win away at Street yesterday, it was their first defeat this year. Well done the Prom

  15. Hard luck to the A Team yesterday in Premier 1 losing by just 1 shot to Taunton 54-55 but gaining 4 rink points.
    Well done to the B Team in Division 1 North beating West Backwell by 55-51 to get 10 points and off to a very good start to the season.

  16. Good start for the A and B Teams in the County League. The A Team beat Bloomfield in Premier 1, winning on all 3 rinks to collect the maximum 12 points. The B Team beat Ashcombe A 10 points to 2 in Division 1 North.

  17. Keep it up lads…….another victory over Congresbury on Sunday morning in the Four Dimensions competition.

  18. Well done lads on your win over Congresbury in the North Somerset Cup (first round)…….onwards and upwards!
    John B.

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