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A list of all Competition Winners from 1973 until 2017
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2017ChampionshipS. Pine
2016ChampionshipM. Dyer
2015ChampionshipM. Dyer
2014ChampionshipL. Greeves
2013ChampionshipM. Dyer
2012ChampionshipL. Greeves
2011ChampionshipL. Greeves
2010ChampionshipC. Pearce
2009ChampionshipM. Dyer
2008ChampionshipL. Greeves
2007ChampionshipC. Pearce
2006ChampionshipM. Dyer
2005ChampionshipC. Jones
2004ChampionshipL. Greeves
2003ChampionshipM. Dyer
2002ChampionshipC. Jones
2001ChampionshipJ. Priddle
2000ChampionshipA. Crees
1999ChampionshipM. Dyer
1998ChampionshipM. Dyer
1997ChampionshipM. Dyer
1996ChampionshipL. Greeves
1995ChampionshipM. Dyer
1994ChampionshipM. Pike
1993ChampionshipA. Birtle
1992ChampionshipM. Dyer
1991ChampionshipM. Dyer
1990ChampionshipM. Dyer
1989ChampionshipM. Dyer
1988ChampionshipM. Dyer
1987ChampionshipM. Pike
1986ChampionshipM. Dyer
1985ChampionshipM. Dyer
1984ChampionshipM. Whittard
1983ChampionshipM. Dyer
1982ChampionshipD. King
1981ChampionshipD. King
1980ChampionshipM. Dyer
1979ChampionshipA. Atkinson
1978ChampionshipM. Moss
1977ChampionshipM. Dyer
1976ChampionshipL. Lythgoe
1975ChampionshipE. Verrall
1974ChampionshipH. Ingall
1973ChampionshipD. Dyer
2017Two WoodsS. Sharp
2016Two WoodsM. Dyer
2015Two WoodsS. Sharp
2012Two WoodsS. Sharp
2011Two WoodsM. Dyer
2010Two WoodsM. Dyer
2009Two WoodsC. Pearce
2008Two WoodsM. Dyer
2007Two WoodsM. Dyer
2006Two WoodsC. Jones
2005Two WoodsM. Dyer
2004Two WoodsC. Pearce
2003Two WoodsA. Birtle
2002Two WoodsM. Sellars
2001Two WoodsC. Jones
2000Two WoodsM. Dyer
1999Two WoodsM. Dyer
1998Two WoodsA. Crees
1997Two WoodsM. Sellars
1996Two WoodsA. Crees
1995Two WoodsL. Greeves
1994Two WoodsM. Pike
1993Two WoodsM. Dyer
1992Two WoodsM. Dyer
1991Two WoodsM. Dyer
1990Two WoodsA. Birtle
1989Two WoodsM. Dyer
1988Two WoodsM. Dyer
1987Two WoodsM. Dyer
1986Two WoodsM. Dyer
1985Two WoodsM. Dyer
1984Two WoodsM. Whittard
1983Two WoodsM. Whittard
1982Two WoodsM. Moss
1981Two WoodsM. Dyer
1980Two WoodsM. Dyer
1979Two WoodsM. Dyer
1978Two WoodsA. Atkinson
1977Two WoodsM. Dyer
1976Two WoodsK. Waite
1975Two WoodsA. Atkinson
1974Two WoodsA. Atkinson
1973Two WoodsK. Waite
2009UnbadgedS. Walker
2008UnbadgedJ. Fry
2007UnbadgedC. Pearce
2006UnbadgedC. Pearce
2005UnbadgedC. Pearce
2004UnbadgedC. Pearce
2003UnbadgedM. Sheppard
2002UnbadgedC. Pearce
2001UnbadgedS. Pine
2000UnbadgedA. Jackson
1999UnbadgedA. Jackson
1998UnbadgedA. Jackson
1997UnbadgedD. Symes
1996UnbadgedA. Crees
1995UnbadgedD. Symes
1994UnbadgedD. Symes
1993UnbadgedE. McManus
1992UnbadgedG. Day
1991UnbadgedD. Symes
1990UnbadgedL. Greeves
1989UnbadgedL. Greeves
1988UnbadgedM. Pike
1987UnbadgedL. Greeves
1986UnbadgedI. Tune
1985UnbadgedM. Pike
1984UnbadgedM. Pike
1983UnbadgedM. Whittard
1982UnbadgedM. Marsh
1981UnbadgedJ. Cox
1980UnbadgedJ. MacColl
1979UnbadgedJ. MacColl
1978UnbadgedM. Dyer
1977UnbadgedJ. MacColl
1976UnbadgedM. Dyer
1975UnbadgedM. Dyer
2017NansonS. Sharp
2016NansonS. Sharp
2015NansonM. Dyer
2014NansonM. Dyer
2013NansonM. Dyer
2012NansonE. Jones
2011NansonC. Pratten
2010NansonM. Dyer
2009NansonC. Pratten
2006NansonL. Greeves
2005NansonC. Pearce
2004NansonC. Jones
2003NansonP. Davies
2002NansonA. Jackson
2001NansonM. Dyer
2000NansonL. Greeves
1999NansonP. Davies
1998NansonA. Crees
1997NansonA. Crees
1996NansonA. Crees
1995NansonM. Dyer
1994NansonM. Dyer
1993NansonM. Pike
1992NansonM. Dyer
1991NansonC. Jones
1990NansonM. Dyer
1989NansonM. Dyer
1988NansonM. Dyer
1987NansonM. Pike
1986NansonM. Moss
1985NansonM. Dyer
1984NansonM. Moss
1983NansonM. Dyer
1982NansonM. Dyer
1981NansonM. Moss
1980NansonM. Dyer
1979NansonM. Moss
1978NansonM. Dyer
1977NansonK. Waite
1975NansonH. Ingall
1974NansonD. Dyer
2017NovicesV. Hollier
2014NovicesJ. Barber
2013NovicesP. Soper
2012NovicesE. Jones
2011NovicesS. Sharp
2010NovicesS. Farnden
2009NovicesJ. Durbin
2008NovicesB. Hollier
2007NovicesR. Ward
2006NovicesH. Perry
2005NovicesE. Rowley
2004NovicesJ. Williams
2003NovicesB. Young
2002NovicesV. Fletcher
2001NovicesB. Rogers
2000NovicesV. Say
1999NovicesM. Sheppard
1998NovicesS. Pine
1997NovicesR. Andrews
1996NovicesA. Crees
1995NovicesP. Davies
1994NovicesA. Jackson
1993NovicesR. Dobbs
1992NovicesG. Day
1991NovicesC. Jones
1990NovicesM. Sellars
1989NovicesM. Sinton
1988NovicesR. Rowsell
1987NovicesB. King
1986NovicesI. Tune
1985NovicesG. Kington
1984NovicesM. Wood
1983NovicesM. Pike
1982NovicesB. Pinches
1981NovicesM. Whittard
1980NovicesE. Belcher
1979NovicesP. Andrews
1978NovicesK. Dowse
1977NovicesJ. MacColl
1976NovicesE. Stafford
1975NovicesM. Dyer
1974NovicesE. Allen
1973NovicesF. Cooper
20172 Wood PairsS. Davis E. Perham
20162 Wood PairsC. Drake S. Pine
20152 Wood PairsS. Farnden P. Soper
20142 Wood PairsJ. Williams C. Pratten
20132 Wood PairsM. Loveridge M. Dyer
20122 Wood PairsE. Perham E. Jones
20112 Wood PairsE. Perham M. Dyer
20102 Wood PairsE. Perham M. Dyer
20092 Wood PairsB. Hollier M. Sheppard
20082 Wood PairsD. Cranshaw B. Hollier
20072 Wood PairsB. Quantrill L. Greeves
20062 Wood PairsB. Quantrill L. Greeves
20052 Wood PairsB. Curtiss M. Dyer
20042 Wood PairsB. Rogers J. Williams
20032 Wood PairsB. Young S. Pine
20022 Wood PairsL. Greeves J. Jeffrey
20012 Wood PairsF. Rawlings M. Sheppard
20002 Wood PairsF. Rawlings C. Pearce
19992 Wood PairsM. Sheppard Y. Woodcock
19982 Wood PairsJ. Cant Y. Woodcock
19972 Wood PairsG. Kington M. Pike
19962 Wood PairsS. Pine M. Dyer
19952 Wood PairsH. Read M. Dyer
19942 Wood PairsJ. Cant M. Dyer
19932 Wood PairsB. James C. Jones
19922 Wood PairsJ. Poutney M. Pike
19912 Wood PairsG. Day M. Pike
19902 Wood PairsM. Sellars M. Banks
19892 Wood PairsY. Holmes M. Dyer
19882 Wood PairsJ. Cox B. Pinches
19872 Wood PairsM. Dyer B. King
19862 Wood PairsS. Bunyan M. Dyer
19852 Wood PairsM. Wood M. Dyer
19842 Wood PairsM. Dyer M. Marsh
19832 Wood PairsV. Clift M. Moss
19822 Wood PairsH. Reed M. Moss
19812 Wood PairsB. Pinches M. Moss
19802 Wood PairsM. Dyer K. Dowse
19792 Wood PairsK. Waite K. Dowse
19782 Wood PairsK. Dowse L. Lythgoe
19772 Wood PairsK. Dowse A. Eginton
19762 Wood PairsE. Stafford A. Atkinson
19752 Wood PairsE. Verrall A. Eginton
19742 Wood PairsD. Laws H. Ingall
19732 Wood PairsL. Smart K. Waite
20174 Wood PairsR. Ward S. Pine
20164 Wood PairsC. Drake S. Pine
20154 Wood PairsS. Pine S. Hardisty
20144 Wood PairsB. Young S. Pine
20134 Wood PairsP. Soper A. Crees
20124 Wood PairsE. Perham S. Sharp
20114 Wood PairsB. Hollier A. Crees
20104 Wood PairsJ. Jeffrey M. Burden
20094 Wood PairsV. Say R. Ward
20084 Wood PairsB. Hollier F. Rawlings
20074 Wood PairsJ. Hill A. Crees
20064 Wood PairsS. Jones D. Symes
20044 Wood PairsD. Cranshaw A. Jackson
20034 Wood PairsF. Rawlings J. Alvis
20024 Wood PairsA. Crees J. Jeffrey
20014 Wood PairsJ. Alvis D. Symes
20004 Wood PairsA. Thatcher V. Say
19994 Wood PairsJ. Jeffrey L. Greeves
19984 Wood PairsM. Sheppard .L Greeves
19974 Wood PairsJ. Cant V. Say
19964 Wood PairsS. Jones L. Greeves
19954 Wood PairsS. Pine M. Dyer
19944 Wood PairsR. Andrews L. Greeves
19934 Wood PairsA. Jackson C. Jones
19924 Wood PairsA. Jackson C. Jones
19914 Wood PairsG. Day C. Jones
19904 Wood PairsM. Badcock A. Banks
19894 Wood PairsD. Symes E. McManus
19884 Wood PairsB. James .R Rowsell
19874 Wood PairsM. Dyer E. Allen
19864 Wood PairsM. Hanson E. Belcher
19854 Wood PairsR. Clift G. Kington
19844 Wood PairsM. Pike I. Tune
19834 Wood PairsM. Hanson M. Dyer
19824 Wood PairsM. Marsh G. Kington
19814 Wood PairsH. Reed M. Dyer
19804 Wood PairsK. Dowse G. Kington
19794 Wood PairsM. Moss P. Short
19784 Wood PairsM. Dyer B. Strudwick
19774 Wood PairsJ. MacColl A. Atkinson
19764 Wood PairsE. Stafford H. Ingall
19754 Wood PairsD. Dyer K. Dowse
19744 Wood PairsD. Dyer M. Higginson
19734 Wood PairsR. Staley D. Laws
20172 Wood TriplesC. Drake B. Young L. Greeves
20162 Wood TriplesJ. Barber M. Wood S. Sharp
20152 Wood TriplesJ. Sperring E. Perham S. Miller
20142 Wood TriplesD. Cranshaw P. Soper S. Sharp
20132 Wood TriplesJ. Morris P. Soper M. Wood
20122 Wood TriplesB. Young P. Soper A. Crees
20112 Wood TriplesH. Haliburton S. Farnden M. Wood
20102 Wood TriplesP. Powney M. Griffiths M. Dyer
20092 Wood TriplesB. Quantrill R. Ward A. Crees
20082 Wood TriplesD. Cranshaw A. Gibbins A. Crees
20072 Wood TriplesR. Ward V. Say C. Jones
20062 Wood TriplesS. Jones K. Foster C. Pearce
20052 Wood TriplesJ. Fry S. Bell C. Jones
20042 Wood TriplesJ. Fry B. Rogers D. Symes
20032 Wood TriplesJ. Alvis M. Sheppard D. Symes
20022 Wood TriplesD. Hazell V. Say L. Greeves
20012 Wood TriplesA. Thatcher M. Sheppard L. Greeves
20002 Wood TriplesB .Young S. Pine A. Crees
19992 Wood TriplesV. Pointer P. Davies S. Pine
19982 Wood TriplesM. Gadd V. Say A. Crees
19972 Wood TriplesS. Jones E. McManus S. Bisset
19962 Wood TriplesS. Jones M. Ward M. Pike
19952 Wood TriplesS. Jones V. Say M. Dyer
19942 Wood TriplesP. Davies P. Folland M. Sellars
19932 Wood TriplesC. Shipp V. Fletcher S. Bisset
19922 Wood TriplesR. Andrews E. McManus S. Bisset
19912 Wood TriplesM. Clissold A. Jackson M. Dyer
19902 Wood TriplesM. Sellars J. Cox M. Wood
19892 Wood TriplesJ. Poutney D. Symes M. Dyer
19882 Wood TriplesJ. Poutney D. Symes M. Dyer
19872 Wood TriplesB. King J. Cox M. Pike
19862 Wood TriplesE. Allen R. Clift I. Tune
19852 Wood TriplesM. Sinton M. Pike M. Moss
19842 Wood TriplesR. Clift I. Tune M. Dyer
19832 Wood TriplesM. Marsh M. Whittard K. Waite
19822 Wood TriplesM. Marsh M. Whittard M. Dyer
19812 Wood TriplesM. Hanson G. Kington M. Dyer
19802 Wood TriplesL. Lythgoe E. Belcher H. Reed
19792 Wood TriplesM. Dyer E. Allen P. Andrews
19782 Wood TriplesA. Atkinson M. Modler H. Ingall
19772 Wood TriplesA. Stone M. Dyer A. Egington
2017Mixed PairsJ. Williams K. Chaney
2016Mixed PairsC. Pratten R. Soper
2015Mixed PairsC. Pratten H. Jeffrey
2014Mixed PairsB. Young D. Loveridge
2013Mixed PairsJ. Barber J. Grubb
2012Mixed PairsA. Crees K. Morris
2011Mixed PairsE. Perham C. Crees
2010Mixed PairsA. Crees A. Passey
2009Mixed PairsJ. Jeffrey A. Symes
2008Mixed PairsC. Pearce E. Trace
2007Mixed PairsM. Dyer M. Newington-Wise
2006Mixed PairsB. Quantrill B. Jones
2005Mixed PairsM. Dyer D. Whittard
2004Mixed PairsM. Dyer K. Low
2003Mixed PairsM. Dyer D. Knowles
2002Mixed Pairs.B Rogers R. Cant
2001Mixed PairsE. Rowley N. Davies
2000Mixed PairsM. Dyer I. Muntz
1999Mixed PairsA. Banks C. Crees
1998Mixed PairsL. Greeves D.K. Sweet
1997Mixed PairsJ. Cant R. Pike
1996Mixed PairsM. Gadd D. Sweet
1995Mixed PairsC. Jones I. Waterhouse
1994Mixed PairsM. Shearn M. Pike
1993Mixed PairsC. Jones D. Sweet
1992Mixed PairsA. Birtle B. Rogers
1991Mixed PairsA. Hook B. Jones
1990Mixed PairsL. Greeves R. Pike
1989Mixed PairsG. Kington D. Whittard
1988Mixed PairsD. Symes D. Whittard
1987Mixed PairsM. Pike D. Sweet
1986Mixed PairsE. Belcher R. Pike
1985Mixed PairsM. Wood D. Lucking
1984Mixed PairsH. Reed M. Rowsell
1983Mixed PairsM. Moss M. Turner
1982Mixed PairsM. Hanson M. Rowsell
1981Mixed PairsE. Allen D. Sweet
1980Mixed Pairs.L Lythgoe H. Cleveland
1979Mixed PairsK. Waite C. Axe
1978Mixed PairsL. Lythgoe H. Cleveland
1976Mixed PairsE. Silvester C. Axe
1975Mixed Pairs.K Dowse S. Waite
1974Mixed PairsD. Coles K. Evans
1973Mixed PairsD. Coles S. Waite