Competition Winners Men

 A list of all Competition Winners from 1973 until 2017
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2017ChampionshipK. Chaney
2017Jubilee ShieldK. Chaney
2017Roy Price TriplesC. Crees D. Knowles T. Schofield
2017Two WoodsD. Everett
2017Veterans CupC. Crees
20174 Wood PairsC. Crees & J. Gover
2017Frank ColesD. Kibbey
20172 Wood PairsJ. Bartlett & J. Grubb
2017Hospital CupC. Crees
2017Giles CupS. Fuidge
2016Frank ColesG. Hancox
2016ChampionshipD. Everett
20164 Wood PairsS. Fuidge & R. Dowsing
2016Two WoodsA. Young
2016Giles CupD. Everett
2016Roy Price TriplesC. Crees R. Cranshaw A. Alvis
2016Jubilee ShieldR. Cranshaw
2016Hospital CupA. Young
20162 Wood PairsS. Fuidge & A. Elsy
2016Veterans CupK. Chaney
2015Frank ColesJ. Fuidge
2015Two WoodsJ. Bartlett
20152 Wood PairsJ. Gover & K. Chaney
2015Veterans CupJ. Bartlett
2015Jubilee ShieldS. Fuidge
2015ChampionshipC. Crees
2015Roy Price TriplesK. Morris J. Baker D. O'Connor
20154 Wood PairsD. Demery & A. Derrick
2015Hospital CupS. Fuidge
2015Giles CupJ. Powell
2014Hospital CupD. Everett
2014Frank ColesJ. Baker
2014Roy Price TriplesD. Knowles J. Fuidge A. Coombes
2014Jubilee ShieldD. Everett
2014Two WoodsD. Everett
20142 Wood PairsJ. Bartlett & A. Tinkling
2014Veterans CupC. Crees
2014ChampionshipJ. Powell
20144 Wood PairsA. Pine & J. Grubb
2014Giles CupJ. Powell
2013Veterans CupD. Demery
2013Hospital CupP. Bissett
20132 Wood PairsA. Young & M. Leigh
2013Giles CupS. Fuidge
2013Jubilee ShieldD. Everett
2013Frank ColesS. Fuidge
2013Roy Price TriplesB. Rogers D. Kibbey D. Loveridge
20134 Wood PairsA. Elsy & K. Morris
2013Two WoodsP. Bissett
2013ChampionshipD. Everett
2012Veterans CupE. Nash-Clark
2012ChampionshipC. Crees
2012Jubilee ShieldD. Everett
2012Hospital CupD. Everett
2012Frank ColesN. Brooks
20124 Wood PairsD. Loveridge & D. Demery
20122 Wood PairsD. Everett & M. Leigh
2012Giles CupD. Everett
2012Two WoodsD. Everett
2012Roy Price TriplesD. Kibbey A. Tinkling C. Crees
2011Frank ColesN. Arney
2011Two WoodsP. Bissett
20112 Wood PairsG. Britton & F. Perry
2011Roy Price TriplesK. Morris E. Deakin F. Perry
2011Giles CupD. Everett
2011Veterans CupF. Perry
2011ChampionshipD. Everett
20114 Wood PairsA. Young & D. Demery
2011Jubilee ShieldD. Everett
2011Hospital CupD. Knowles
2010Jubilee ShieldA. Pine
2010Two WoodsR. Soper
2010Frank ColesA. Elsey
2010Hospital CupE. Nash-Clark
2010ChampionshipE. Furze
2010Veterans CupD. Knowles
20104 Wood PairsA. Elsey & C. Pearce
2010Roy Price TriplesI. Waterhouse A. Elsy C. Pearce
20102 Wood PairsB. Quantrill & R. Wood
2010Giles CupD. Everett
20092 Wood PairsD. Loveridge & D. Demery
2009Giles CupD. Demery
2009ChampionshipE. Furze
2009Roy Price TriplesD. Loveridge A. Symes D. Knowles
20094 Wood PairsJ. Grubb & E. Furze
2009Jubilee ShieldA. Young
2009Veterans CupE. Nash-Clark
2009Two WoodsR. Cranshaw
2009Hospital CupP. Packer
2009Frank ColesP. Bissett
20084 Wood PairsD. Loveridge & C. Crees
2008Hospital CupD. Knowles
2008Veterans CupJ. Powell
2008ChampionshipJ. Powell
2008Frank ColesA. Passey
2008Jubilee ShieldE. Nash-Clark
20082 Wood PairsP. Brown & M. Chivers
2008Giles CupM. Dyer
2008Roy Price TriplesR. Pointer G. Robinson D. Demery
2008Two WoodsC. Crees
2007Roy Price TriplesG. Ward M. Chivers C. Crees
20072 Wood PairsB. Quantrill & D. Knowles
2007Veterans CupR. Cranshaw
2007Hospital CupC. Crees
20074 Wood PairsP. Packer & D. Knowles
2007Frank ColesJ. Powell
2007Two WoodsC. Crees
2007Giles CupL. Greeves
2007ChampionshipC. Crees
2007Jubilee ShieldD. Demery
2006Hospital CupD. Knowles
2006ChampionshipC. Crees
2006Frank ColesC. Garby
2006Two WoodsR. Cranshaw
20062 Wood PairsP. Bissett & D. Knowles
2006Veterans CupA. Young
2006Roy Price TriplesM. Newington-Wise K. Chandler D. Demery
2006Giles CupR. Cranshaw
20064 Wood PairsJ. Grubb & B. Jones
2006Jubilee ShieldD. Demery
2005Hospital CupC. Pearce
2005ChampionshipE. Furze
2005Veterans CupR. Soper
2005Roy Price TriplesB. Quantrill C. Jones A. Pine
20054 Wood PairsC. Jones & C. Pearce
2005Jubilee ShieldR. Cranshaw
2005Frank ColesA. Young
2005Giles CupD. Demery
20052 Wood PairsD. Loveridge & R. Wood
2005Two WoodsN. Davies
2004Jubilee ShieldG. Chidzey
2004ChampionshipE. Furze
2004Giles CupE. Furze
2004Two WoodsW. Allen
2004Hospital CupN. Davies
20042 Wood PairsD. Loveridge & A. Pine
2004Roy Price TriplesN. Davies L. Toman A. Pine
2004Veterans CupE. Furze
2004Frank ColesH. Williams
20044 Wood PairsC. Bethune & K. Low
2003ChampionshipM. Rowsell
2003Jubilee ShieldM. Rowsell
2003Hospital CupD. Demery
2003Roy Price TriplesN. Arney G. Robinson R. Soper
20034 Wood PairsS. Weston & C. Crees
2003Giles CupD. Demery
20032 Wood PairsR. Withers & A. Pine
2003Two WoodsE. Nash-Clark
2003Frank ColesI. Barnett
2003Veterans CupB. Rogers
2002Giles CupM. Dyer
2002Jubilee ShieldG. James
2002Hospital CupD. Demery
2002Roy Price TriplesR. Withers T. Davies H. Williams
2002Frank ColesC. Pearce
20024 Wood PairsA. Symes & M. Pearce
2002Veterans CupR. Cant
20022 Wood PairsR. Day & R. Jackson
2002ChampionshipR. Andrews
2002Two WoodsT. Foster
2001Giles CupD. Knowles
2001ChampionshipJ. Bartlett
20014 Wood PairsD. Wakefield & M. Rowsell
2001Frank ColesM. Shearn
2001Roy Price TriplesP. Packer P. Simmonite C. Crees
2001Hospital CupM. Rowsell
2001Veterans CupD. Sweet
20012 Wood PairsT. Deakin & C. Crees
2001Two WoodsD. Knowles
2001Jubilee ShieldA. Pine
2000Roy Price TriplesG. Neath R. Pointer C. Crees
2000Veterans CupH. Sellars
2000Jubilee ShieldR. Cant
2000Frank ColesD. Knowles
2000Giles CupD. Everett
20004 Wood PairsN. Pennycott & D. K. Sweet
2000Two WoodsN. Davies
2000ChampionshipM. Rowsell
2000Hospital CupE. Furze
20002 Wood PairsH. Jeffrey & A. Pine
1999Frank ColesN. Davies
1999Hospital CupE. Furze
1999Two WoodsD. Everett
19992 Wood PairsT. Foster & R. Soper
1999ChampionshipM. Rowsell
1999Giles CupM. Dyer
1999Jubilee ShieldB. Merry
19994 Wood PairsE. Jones & E. Furze
1999Veterans CupE. Furze
1999Roy Price TriplesT. Foster H. Williams M. Rowsell
1998ChampionshipE. Furze
1998Frank ColesD. K. Sweet
19982 Wood PairsP. Simmonite & M. Shearn
1998Jubilee ShieldD. Demery
1998Two WoodsB. Merry
1998Roy Price TriplesI. Waterhouse J. Parish B. Merry
19984 Wood PairsA. Young & E. Furze
1998Hospital CupE. Furze
1998Veterans CupD. Sweet
1998Giles CupJ. Cant
1997ChampionshipM. Davis
1997Roy Price TriplesM. Boulden T. Davies M. Rowsell
1997Giles CupR. Wood
1997Jubilee ShieldD. Everett
1997Hospital CupE. Furze
19972 Wood PairsR. Pointer & M. Rowsell
1997Veterans CupR. Jackson
1997Two WoodsB. Jones
1997Frank ColesT. Davies
19974 Wood PairsD. Whittard & R. Day
1996Giles CupM. Dyer
19962 Wood PairsD. Knowles & A. Watson
1996Frank ColesC. Andrews
1996Veterans CupG. Giles
1996Roy Price TriplesA. Flexman H. Sellars R. Jackson
1996Two WoodsJ. Warr
1996Jubilee ShieldE. Furze
19964 Wood PairsP. Bishop & C. Crees
1996ChampionshipE. Furze
1996Hospital CupC. Crees
1995Two WoodsD. Everett
1995Roy Price TriplesS. Weston H. Williams N. Kew
1995Veterans CupJ. Warr
1995ChampionshipD. Sweet
19952 Wood PairsD. Knowles & J. Warr
1995Frank ColesR. Wood
1995Jubilee ShieldB. Merry
19954 Wood PairsM. Davis & D. Sweet
1995Hospital CupR. Pike
1994Hospital CupR. Andrews
19944 Wood PairsC. Folland & R. Pike
1994Roy Price TriplesD. Parslow M. Rowsell R. Bisset
1994ChampionshipM. Rowsell
1994Jubilee ShieldK. Low
19942 Wood PairsR. Andrews & R. Cant
1994Veterans CupR. Bennett
1994Frank ColesA. Pine
1994Two WoodsB. Jones
1993Hospital CupE. Furze
19934 Wood PairsK. Faithfull & B. Jones
1993Roy Price TriplesR. Cant D. Demery D. Whittard
1993ChampionshipB. Merry
1993Veterans CupR. Cant
1993Two WoodsA. Symes
1993Frank ColesR. Andrews
19932 Wood PairsR. Turner & R. Pike
1993Jubilee ShieldR. Andrews
1992Hospital CupE. Furze
19924 Wood PairsR. Jenkins & H. Sellars
1992Frank ColesJ. Parish
1992Two WoodsR. Soper
1992ChampionshipA. Symes
19922 Wood PairsA. Pine & A. Symes
1992Jubilee ShieldM. Rowsell
1992Roy Price TriplesA. Flexman R. Harrison R. Day
1992Veterans CupD. Griffiths
1991Hospital CupE. Furze
1991Frank ColesR. Soper
19914 Wood PairsR. Right & J. Withers
1991Two WoodsD. Griffiths
1991Jubilee ShieldC. Goddard
1991Roy Price TriplesA. Symes C. Folland R. Jackson
1991Veterans CupR. Jenkins
1991ChampionshipE. Furze
1990Veterans CupM. Hanson
1990Two WoodsB. Jones
1990Roy Price TriplesR. Harrison J. Wall R. Pike
19904 Wood PairsG. Tripp & A. Symes
1990Hospital CupM. Rowsell
1990Frank ColesG. Fletcher
1990ChampionshipJ. Withers
1990Jubilee ShieldR. Jackson
1989Two WoodsS. Harvey
19894 Wood PairsR. Jackson & R. Andrews
1989Frank ColesB. Jones
1989Veterans CupK. Weston
1989Roy Price TriplesC. Crees B. Jones M. Hanson
1989ChampionshipJ. Withers
1989Hospital CupE. Furze
1989Jubilee ShieldD. Sweet
1988Jubilee ShieldS. Harvey
1988Hospital CupE. Furze
19884 Wood PairsR. Pike & P. Evans
1988Roy Price TriplesR. Pike K. Low M. Ford
1988Frank ColesR. Pike
1988Two WoodsS. Harvey
1988Veterans CupD. Whittard
1988ChampionshipE. Furze
1987Jubilee ShieldS. Harvey
1987Veterans CupM. Hanson
1987Two WoodsM. Rowsell
1987ChampionshipE. Furze
1987Roy Price TriplesJ. Withers D. Weston C. Edwards
1987Hospital CupJ. Wall
1987Frank ColesD. A. Lucking
19874 Wood PairsR. Clift & C. Poutney
1986ChampionshipE. Furze
1986Frank ColesD. Sweet
1986Two WoodsG. Tripp
1986Jubilee ShieldJ. Withers
19864 Wood PairsJ. Withers & P. Brown
1986Veterans CupM. Ford
1986Hospital CupS. Harvey
1986Roy Price TriplesD. Sweet K. Low N. Davies
1985Roy Price TriplesA. Wood L. White J. Bunyan
1985Frank ColesJ. Withers
1985Two WoodsR. Clift
1985Veterans CupR. Turner
1985Jubilee ShieldA. King
1985Hospital CupK. Richards
1985ChampionshipM. Rowsell
19854 Wood PairsK. Weston & S. Harvey
1984Roy Price TriplesC. Clift J. Parish H. Pooley
1984Frank ColesD. Whittard
19844 Wood PairsM. Rowsell & S. Pegg
1984Two WoodsC. R. Clift
1984ChampionshipG. Tripp
1984Hospital CupE. Furze
1984Jubilee ShieldM. Stone
1984Veterans CupS. Waite
1983Jubilee ShieldS. Harvey
19834 Wood PairsS. Harvey & F. Underdown
1983Frank ColesM. Hanson
1983Veterans CupR. Edwards
1983Two WoodsS. Harvey
1983Roy Price TriplesC. Clift R. Edwards A. King
1983Hospital CupS. Harvey
1983ChampionshipM. Rowsell
1982Hospital CupS. H. Waite
1982ChampionshipP. Stevens
1982Two WoodsR. Clift
1982Veterans CupW. Turner
19824 Wood PairsR. Edwards & M. Rowsell
1982Frank ColesS. Harvey
1982Roy Price TriplesR. Kingston E. Watts D. Whittard
1981Frank ColesE. Furze
1981Hospital CupE. Furze
19814 Wood PairsS. Harvey & G. Lister
1981Two WoodsP. Stevens
1981ChampionshipR. Price
1981Veterans CupS. H. Waite
1980Veterans CupH. Cleveland
1980Two WoodsF. H. Lythgoe
1980ChampionshipG. Giles
1980Frank ColesW. Hawkins
19804 Wood PairsG. Giles & C. Axe
1980Hospital CupR. Edwards
1979Hospital CupR. Price
1979Two WoodsR. Price
1979Veterans CupR. Edwards
19794 Wood PairsS. H. Waite & R. Kingston
1979Frank ColesR. Kingston
1979ChampionshipS. H. Waite
1978ChampionshipA. Tysall
1978Veterans CupB. Belcher
1978Hospital CupS. King
1978Two WoodsR. Ingall
1978Frank ColesP. Stevens
19784 Wood PairsA. Tysall & F. H. Lythgoe
1977Veterans CupC. Axe
1977Frank ColesS. King
19774 Wood PairsR. Edwards & P. Stevens
1977ChampionshipC. Axe
1977Hospital CupH. Cleveland
1977Two WoodsB. Belcher
1976Frank ColesD. Hampton
19764 Wood PairsA. Fleming & R. H. Ingall
1976ChampionshipR. Price
19754 Wood PairsR. Stevens & R. H. Ingall
1975Veterans CupS. H. Waite
1975Two WoodsR. Price
1975ChampionshipS. H. Waite
1975Frank ColesH. Fleming
1975Hospital CupS. H. Waite
1974Hospital CupT. Meyts
1974Frank ColesC. Axe
19744 Wood PairsK. D. Evans & S. Day
1974ChampionshipK. Lawrence
1974Two WoodsS. H. Waite
1974Veterans CupA. Higginson
1973Two WoodsE. Cook
1973Veterans CupS. H. Waite
1973ChampionshipE. Cook
1973Frank ColesE. Cook
19734 Wood PairsE. Cook & A. Hamblin