C & D League Tables

  C & D Evening League   
After 25th July Matches
Clevedon Promenade maintained their push for the title with another big win, whilst Nailsea, previously bottom, jump over Long Ashton with their 1 shot win over near neighbours West Backwell.
Chew Stoke (7) 90 v Congresbury (2) 81
Clevedon Promenade (9) 119 v Long Ashton (0) 56
Clevedon (1) 68 v Portishead RBL (8) 96
Nailsea (6) 89 v West Backwell (3) 88

1Clevedon Prom.121002111587424140.54080.5
2Portishead RBL129121066914152353873
4West Backwell12606974991-17302454
6Chew Stoke124089961013-17331649
8Long Ashton124088581094-23615.51631.5
 C & D Triples League
Up to and including 27th July Matches 
The two at the top battled it out with Portishead RBL getting home by just 2 shots and the rinks being shared. This leaves Isle of Wedmore still top of the table but RBL snapping at their heels two and a half points behind. Clevedon Promenade, with their loss to Isle of Wedmore have slipped a bit further behind the top two and now have Congresbury snapping at their heels. West Backwell seem a bit isolated in a mid table position whilst the bottom four clubs are swapping places all the time with just four points separating them all.
Chew Stoke (4) 93 v Long Ashton (6) 94
Congresbury (8) 120 v West Backwell (2) 93
Portishead RBL (9) 134 v Nailsea (1) 71
Clevedon Promenade (2) 68 v Isle of Wedmore (8) 112
Long Ashton (7) 108 v Congresbury (3) 97
West Backwell (2) 101 v Clevedon Promenade (8) 110
Clevedon Promenade (8) 106 v Chew Stoke (2) 75
Isle of Wedmore (3) 99 v Portishead RBL (7) 101
Nailsea (2) 90 v Portishead (8) 96
1Isle of Wedmore11902131993738245.53681.5
2Portishead RBL119021207993214433679
3Clevedon Prom127051231120229382866
5West Backwell114071130110228341650
7Chew Stoke103078751142-26726.51238.5
8Long Ashton1140710301143-113211637