2018 Competitions


Competition Rule 9 states:
Once the draw is exhibited it is the responsibility of the ‘challenger’ (the first named player) to make the necessary arrangements.  During the first seven days of the allocated period for playing the round of a competition he will offer his opponent three dates of play, the time of commencing to be mutually agreed.  If dates have not been offered the ‘challenged’ player should attempt to contact the challenger before submitting a claim for the game to the Competitions Secretary. Such claim must be made prior to the closing date of the round. Failure to comply with the foregoing will result in either one or both players being eliminated from the particular competition. 

There will be no extensions other than cancellation through inclement weather.

Click on a link below to see the draws for this years Competitions, results will be updated regularly. Link opens in a new tab.
Championship Cupupdated 28/7
Hospital Cupupdated 28/7
Giles Openupdated 25/7
Jubilee Shieldupdated 28/7
Veterans Cupupdated 25/7
Frank Coles Novicesupdated 25/7
Two Wood Singles – updated 15/7
Two Wood Pairs – updated 24/7
Four Wood Pairs updated 20/7
Roy Price Triplesupdated 28/7